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Web Development

Using all the screen

The Web Developer Association of Spain (ADWE in his spanish acronym) is the website dedicated to inform of the conferences and events celebrated in Spain and to divulgate knowledge about the web development technologies. They decided to redesign the brand on 2012 and contacted me to develop the new website, which aimed primarily to have an adaptive and user-friendly design to any device you use to read the page.


Three-columns to rule them all

The project was developed with Wordpress, and they wanted me to layout a three-column template that uses all the space on screen. One main column dedicated to the content and two columns more to list categories and partners. The most difficult part on this approach was to achieve a three column structure with the same height without using javascript or other famous techniques on that days. Finally I got a simple way and difficult at the same time, that let me have three liquid columns with the same height and different background colours.


Comments on the right side of the content

Another thing we decided to prove in this project was the importance of the comments if we moved them to the right-side of the article content. Integrating the comments on the right side of the post we let the users to contribute to it adding his own content and observations to the article. We think that the comments work better there than the bottom of the page.


This is one of the first projects I developed using responsive web design techniques and I'm very proud of the final result. We wanted to have a light weight page that was comfortable to be read on a mobile device and I believe the final result is very good. We gave the best of us developing this project.

You can contact me sending a tweet to @miguelmorera_ or an e-mail to info[at]miguelmorera.com.

You can contact me sending a tweet or an e-mail.

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