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Miguel Morera - Web developer & designer

Âttaca Shop

Logo Design

Creating a brand

Âttaca Shop was a imitation jewellry online shop that contacted me to make a full brand image for his business.

They want a logo that reflected in a simply way the products that we were selling on his shop. I thought that would be a good idea to make something with a ring, the product that had the best sales then. The tipography used was determining to achieve this result because it has a letter A that was perfect to acommodate a drawed jewel on his top.

A satisfied customer

Although initially the work was create a full brand image, finally I finished designing the logo. The result was very pleasing for the client we create a funny and elegant logotype that refreshed the online shop.

You can contact me sending a tweet to @miguelmorera_ or an e-mail to info[at]miguelmorera.com.

You can contact me sending a tweet or an e-mail.

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