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Miguel Morera - Web developer & designer

Hotel La Serena

UX Design and Web development

Looking for some consistency

Hotel la Serena is a hotel located in Altea, a little town in the province of Alicante. They had a basic Wordpress site based on a generic template which didn't have an appropiate structure and no proper content. These two details were that I wanted to promote on this project.



Improving weaknesses

In the beginning, the work was to consist in making a few changes in the existing template for improve the web traffic conversion rate. The main problem of this website were (and still it is) that the booking engine is not internally integrated and, although obvious, in a hotel site the main objective to achieve is getting the user to book a room.

The old structure of the website didn't help the user to find that they were looking for. The contents were randomly placed without considering the importance and its hierarchy, and the purpose of the site was not accomplished. Even the action of the room reservation was unclear.

For this reason, I made a preliminary report of all the web features to improve and a detailed wireframe of the structure and content reorganization. The client was impressed with all the improvements that will be undertaken and after communicating my concerns about the added difficulty that would entail making all of these changes in the existing template, we agreed to make a completely new one.

A better navigation

The first thing we changed in the new design was the "call to action" buttons. Making the booking engine more accesible, we allowed users to access to this primary section in an easy way than the previous version of the website.

I designed a new navigation menu, dispensing the sections that were not helpful and denoting those which were useful.

I tried to focus the most important information on the home page in a concisely way, because I wanted the user to remain in the page as long as possible, so at a glance he could know what were offering.

Responsive version

The old template was prepared for mobile devices but it was too modified and the responsive version does not work. When I made a brand new template I developed a completely adapted web to mobile devices and even if the book engine was not prepared for them at least the web part were accessible.

A useful and usable web

We identified the existing problems on the website and with a studied planning we managed to improve the web conversion and we get a useful and usable web.

You can contact me sending a tweet to @miguelmorera_ or an e-mail to info[at]miguelmorera.com.

You can contact me sending a tweet or an e-mail.

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