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Web development

Finding a simple solution

Mario-Paul is a spanish artist based in Alicante who wanted to get a simple and functional website to let him showing his works in an easy way. As a prerequisite, he needs to have the possibility of manage the page himself, and that is the reason that I used Wordpress CMS for this project.

Home page.

Single work page.

A clean and minimalistic design

In a project like this, the most important thing are the works itself. I opted for a clean and minimalistic design that gives the importance that the works of this artist deserve. The client wanted that the works were listed in a unevenly way, he doesn't like to have a perfect and symmetrical catalog of works but rather a more conventional gallery.

Making efforts on the customization

The most difficult part of the project and the one that the client needs to work well was to achieve the objective of show works in different sizes and forms. I had to set a various types of works on the backend of the website that let him to select the way that this items will be shown.

Prepared for Responsiveness

A potential client could arrive to your website not only through a desktop environment, also through a mobile device. My major concern was the customer knew the importance of this type of web traffic and convince him that there is a market that wants to access the web with a diverse range of devices, brands and operative systems, and he had to be prepared for that.

A responsive designed website assures that any visitor will be capable of viewing the content of the site without any problem.

A website prepared for any device

I made a simple portfolio website that allows the client to manage his works and show in the way that he wants. A website that no matter what device you use to enter it, it will see in the best way.

You can contact me sending a tweet to @miguelmorera_ or an e-mail to info[at]miguelmorera.com.

You can contact me sending a tweet or an e-mail.

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