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Miguel Morera - Web developer & designer

Panadería Ricors

Logo Design

Using a common bun as a distinctive

Panadería Ricors is a bakery located in Dénia and ran by my brother and my sister-in-law. Because of this I had complete freedom in the making of this logotype. They wanted a simple distinctive with a cute typography and I used one of the most common bun in a spanish bakery nowadays to build the brand.

Making a few mockups

Considering the target market, it was clear to me that we needed to create a very recognizable logotype that evokes instantly a warm and comforting feeling but maintaining the simplicity we required. I did a few mockups of the concept and we agreed that we were going on the right way, but we need something less abstract and more definite. We conclude our search with this result:


I think the final result was pretty succesful and we got the goal we set. Sometimes the freedom to decide what options to take on a design are counterproductive, but this time was the best to achieve this result.

You can contact me sending a tweet to @miguelmorera_ or an e-mail to info[at]miguelmorera.com.

You can contact me sending a tweet or an e-mail.

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