I would not like to sound so philosophic with this new thing, diary style, but I feel like that in some way.

Let me explain why.

In 2006 was my first contact with HTML and CSS ever. At this time I was going to college and in a subject called “New technologies applied to education” we learned some basic HTML tags and CSS rules. We had to develop a simple website to show a self-developed education curriculum so to made it we used Microsoft FrontPage.

I still have a copy of this first website but YOU WILL NEVER SEE.

I liked HTML and CSS so much.

Some people does not consider this like programming but it felt like it was at that time. Despite of I used FrontPage as a support software, I had to made a lot of adjustments manually coding because the elements didn’t position as I would like. This experience increased my interest in learn how to make websites.

The blogs were a thing on that days. Everybody had one and wrote articles expressing its opinion of something, reviewing movies or TV shows or simply telling its life. I wanted to have a personal website on I could made the same than all these people.

I started looking for online courses or tutorials and I started making some designs for my website. I don’t remember how long it took me to finish this first website, but I could say that I changed many times in the visual design during that time.

Since I finished this first personal website, I started to publish some articles, but each time I wanted to post, I had to manually code it. I was discouraged by this. Coding was fine but the main purpose of making this website was to reflect my thoughts online and I didn’t like to lose so much time each time I post.

Some time later I discovered that most of the people whose blogs I followed were using WordPress as a platform for publishing posts and I felt that if I wanted to publish more and lose less time I had to switch my website to WordPress.

This platform was completely new for me. I didn’t understand anything about PHP but I managed myself to modify the Kubrick theme (the basic theme it came with WordPress those days) so that it would have a similar style than my original website.

I was posting regularly until 2009 but like most of my hobbies I abandoned it. I believe that the fault was of Facebook, Twitter and others. This platforms replaced the blogs as the personal place for write posts or publish opinions for most people.

In all that time I learned a lot of HTML and CSS and some basics of PHP so in 2010 I started as a freelance in Web Development.

Welcome to my new website

And today, on september of 2019 I managed myself to make a new website with the intention of, I’m not going to lie, posting something, not regularly but at least now I have a personal place to show to the world who I am (I already had it but, you know, “if it’s new is better”).

For this special occasion I recovered some of the posts I published in that original WordPress site and I have “remastered” or modified them in some ways. I have created different sections to keep content classified because I like a lot of different things and to have a unique stream of posts didn’t seem enough for me.

I divided the content in 4 types: Thoughts, Comics, Development Posts and Diary. Also I have the Work type but it will not be updated regularly and I don’t consider it like a “post” type content.

Most of the content is in Spanish because if you didn’t noticed, English is not my tongue language. I have to say sorry for that but I don’t have time to translate them so I think it will stay like that because I need to have some content to show.

In Thoughts we have the good ol’ posts I have made during my “golden years”. I had to choose only “the best ones” from all the crap I have wrote at that days and I have added featured and in-content images to decorate a little bit that mess. This type of content is intended to be long opinion articles or reviews. My idea is to write a some kind of timeless content.

In Comics I would like to post comic strips and also long stories if I made one at some point. I know this section needs more work because in mobile devices it’s difficult to read. I’ll make better as I can.

In Dev Posts I will try to return to the development community some of the knowledge I got from them all this years. Maybe my articles will not be as good as others but I strongly believe it will be useful for someone. Right now there is a recopilation of old articles I made for other blogs.

Diary is this section. This is intended to be short posts of current topics or happenings, but this one is very long so maybe there will be long posts sometimes.

Also you maybe have noticed this little fixed warning in the lower right side of the website that states the software related term “Alpha”. This website is a “Work in Progress” so it will be some pages and features that maybe will not work well. I decided to publish this website anyway and keep modifying it as I can.

Who knows me well knows I take all this things seriously. For the new ones, I hope you enjoy the ride!

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