I just finished the second season of Cobra Kai. I didn’t plan to write more than a tweet about, but after doing that I felt that I had to explain a little bit more my comment about the show.

This is something I could’ve done with a thread but, why not make it a little more oldschool like the show I’m talking about and write a post?

The tweet is in spanish so I’ll try to translate: “Cobra Kai finished. In my opinion the show it’s losing its essence and it’s changing to something foreseeable. In an entertaining way, it’s fine but I don’t like where is going the plot…”

It goes without saying that the next words could be a major SPOILER, so you better not keep reading this if you don’t want me to ruin it.

What do I mean when I say that the show is losing its essence?

This show began on YouTube in 2018 but it has been the adquisition of the series by Netflix which has triggered its popularity. In fact, I didn’t saw it until now. If I am honest with you I completely forgot about it.

From the original Karate Kid movies I only remember well its first part, the most iconic without debate. It’s an eighties movie in all its aspects and in my opinion, is a very enjoyable movie.

It has many clichés and that it’s good, in fact this is one of its great merits as an audiovisual production. If Karate Kid was the story about Daniel LaRusso and their way of dealing with bullying, Cobra Kai it’s the story about his antagonist Johnny Lawrence.

The show, originally, was focused from Johnny‘s point of view and showed LaRusso as an idiot who has done well in life, and showed him as a loser who barely manages to survive on his day to day.

This point of view it’s kind of funny when you start to see the show, which use the nostalgia as its main engine and shows the evolution of the protagonists of the original film.

In this show, the ones which are supposed to be the “good ones”, are the pupils of Cobra Kai, and it’s not difficult for you to be in their side because in the end, they are good people. But as far as the show progresses, these people become the typical “bad guys” and that sounds a bit strange as a viewer. This is the reason because the screenwriters decided to bring back the original “good guys”, the supporters of LaRusso and Miyagi-Do. By creating this need, you necessarily side with the opposing faction.

I suppose, after what happens in the last episode of the second season, this could be reversed, but after seeing what happens with the Cobra Kai dojo I am already clear that the writers have been wrong in their approach to the show.

I started the show with great enthusiasm but in the end it has become the opposite of what it was intended to be at the beginning.

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