To be honest, always I wanted one but I didn’t know exactly why. Maybe because it is so tiny and it seems like a little toy and this remember some old good times.

The first time I wanted one it was when I bought a blue Nintendo DS (the fat one). I was thinking to get a portable console I was considering the possibility of buying a Nintendo DS or a Gameboy Micro. I remember that at this time I frequented a spanish video game magazine and forum called Players4Players. I even wrote some articles for them.

I asked for advice in that forum and everyone recommended that I buy a Nintendo DS, because it was a new system and it was going to have a lot more games and also because it could run Gameboy Advance games. A very clever advice I have to say.

I used this Nintendo DS for a not-so-long period and eventually ended up selling it and buying the Lite version that came out soon after. Nowadays I still have this console but the upper screen hinges are broken and loose and you can’t play comfortably.

But, despite of that, during all this time I always wanted to get a Gameboy Micro. Maybe it’s not the best portable console, the screen is too tiny to play comfortably and the R and L buttons are not well positioned in my opinion, but, it’s so BEAUTIFUL…

Recently I felt like playing some Gameboy Advance cartridges I have and I never played to or finished and I found the excuse to get one. I browsed eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Wallapop (a spanish Craiglist) looking for a second hand one and finally I got one on Wallapop.

When I received the console this week, I tested it a little bit and the console worked fine, but I had work to do and I didn’t have more time to test it better, so I marked the transaction in Wallapop as succesful. That was poor.

This weekend I had more time to test it and I noticed the battery is damaged and it has to be replaced because the console turns off after a few minutes of play. Luckily, batteries are easily found on the internet and it’s not difficult to replace.

I’ll probably end up using the Gameshell to play those games because of its bigger screen and because I get it for this, but for now I got it off my chest.

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