Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

21 min. read

The second part of the new trilogy of George Lucas’ mythical saga, returns with a peculiar installment, to say the least. What you will read next will surprise you, or perhaps you consider me a toxic fan and a hater, I’ve heard that before.

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Gilmore Girls

2 min. read

With the arrival of the new season by the hand of Netflix, I have finally decided to finish Gilmore Girls after so many years. It was necessary to talk about this series on this blog.

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8 min. read

Christopher Nolan explora un terreno inexplorado y no me refiero al espacio ni a otros planetas sino a la relatividad del ser y el legado de los seres humanos.

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7 min. read

Una historia absorbente, un concepto atractivo y un reparto de ensueño es lo que nos ofrece Inception, lo nuevo de Christopher Nolan.

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